Chaweng Beach Koh Samui
Chaweng Beach

Originally discovered by intrepid backpackers over 30 years ago, Thailand’s third largest island, Koh Samui (only Phuket, and Koh Chang are larger) has fortunately preserved its unique tropical allure and is even more popular than ever to over a million visitors a year where people can enjoy some serious relaxation and where life long memories are born, Koh Samui is where your holiday starts.

You realise you are in a completely different environment, when you arrive at the Samui International airport and discover its original surroundings. Samui has it all, offering to make your time on this gorgeous island one remember, making your stay here an unforgettable one with its white sandy beaches, glorious nature, delicious cuisine and excellent bars along with world class accommodation.
Koh Samui has many beaches, some much busier than others, but all are quite beautiful. So which ever part of the island you choose to stay for your holiday you will be happy you came to this little paradise island in the gulf of Thailand.

The most famous of all beaches on the island is Chaweng closely followed by Lamai beach and Bohput Beach, Maenam Beach and Big Buddha beach to name a few.
Chaweng Beach is by the far the most popular resort on the island of Samui. The beach itself is powdery white sand and stretches for 5km along the east coast of the island. The beach is pure holiday fun and is full of tourists particularly in the high season, coming from far and wide to enjoy this most spectacular island life.

Chaweng has everything that the visitor requires with fantastic restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping and is not two minutes from your sun bed. There is an array of accommodation here too, from 5 star hotel resorts down to very reasonably priced back packer places for the more budget minded traveller.

Chaweng Beach is also the central for the nightlife on this island with some fantastic places to chill and even dance the night away, especially after a hard day on the beach. Chaweng has become the biggest town in Samui over the past few years and is a magnet to most that are seeking a more fun fulfilled time on the island.

Chaweng is by far the busiest and most popular of Koh Samui’s beaches, there are three sections to it starting with North Chaweng, and then you have Central Chaweng and last but by no means least Chaweng Noi (Little Chaweng) which is situated to the south.

Chaweng Beach is ideal for the beach lovers, the beautiful shades of blue waters that help make up this stunning beach are a great place for all water sports, including: Jet Skis, Parasailing and Snorkelling as there is a small reef just off the main beach which is perfect for this great activity, you can spot all the usual reef fishes here, even Nemo and his friends are living here these days.

Not far from the beach, there are a couple of small islands that are very accessible easily enough to swim out to, again the snorkelling is fantastic and if you are feeling really adventurous, then hire a kayak and you and a buddy can thoroughly explore the other small island too.

The busiest part of Chaweng beach, is the central area and is generally more crowded than the other sections of the beach, so if a quieter day is required, it is quite easy for the sun worshipper to find a nice secluded spot a little further south or north along this world class beach.

As with many popular beaches in Thailand, it is very easy not to do anything at all except laze away the days, and if you need anything, then let them come to you as many vendors will be selling their wares on the beach. Whether you are in need of a refreshing ice cold beer or fresh fruit, Thai food, European snack, even souvenirs and arts and crafts are easily purchased direct form your sun lounger, so just come and chill out.

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