Tiger Zoo and Aquarium on Koh Samui are a mega must see, especially for all Tiger fans as tigers are a massive part of Thailand Heritage and are revered throughout the land. Situated on Ban Harn beach, and only a few minutes ride from Lamai Beach and Chaweng beach.

Tiger Samui Zoo
Tiger Samui Zoo

The Indochinese tiger, also called Corbett’s tiger, is found in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, China, Burma and Vietnam. These tigers are a little smaller and darker than Bengal tigers. Males can weigh from 150–195 kg, while females are smaller at 100–130 kg. They enjoy their habitat to be rain forests in mountainous or hilly regions.

Hunted to almost extinction by foreign traders in the last century, the tiger has really been abused and according to government estimates of national tiger populations, the subspecies numbers around a total of 350 individuals is really quite pitiful.

The existing populations are also at a very high risk from poaching, also from prey depletion and as a result of this barbaric poaching their primary prey such as deer and wild pigs have also been decimated. And with their much of their habitat being broken up along with inbreeding, which is due to lack of tigers finding mates.

There have been many sanctuaries in Thailand set up to help the tiger survive, and here on Koh Samui things are no different. The Tiger is one of the most beautiful animals on the planet; regardless of the dangers of handling such beast’s people come to see them from all over the world.

Tiger Zoo and Aquarium is set up to take care of some of these beautiful animals, here you can also find Leopards too. All the animals are expertly trained by experienced local Thai handlers in Koh Samui. Come and see for yourself and enjoy watching these magnificent animals, as they play and relax in their natural surroundings.

The huge and magnificent creatures have filled humans with fear and awe for centuries with their size and tremendous power. Tigers and Leopards are two of nature’s most feared predators. And as a special experience, twice a day a show is put on to demonstrate the skills of the highly trained animals at Samui Tiger Zoo, including birds, otters, sea lions and too.

Also after the show, there will be the opportunity to actually get in a cage and have your picture taken beside one of these incredible tigers. And if you are even luckier and you are there at a certain time of year, you may get the chance to have your picture taken with a baby tiger.

Samui Zoo Elephant
Samui Zoo Elephant

Samui Tiger Zoo is so much more than just beautiful and awe inspiring tigers and Leopards. There are horses, sea lions, otters, small mammals, reptiles and we have a large Avery full of exotic birds, including South American Macao, cockatoo’s, loads of colourful parrots, Pelicans, Toucans, Sea Eagles, Red Eagles and oh so much to see.

It’s a great place to come and spend the day with the family and the children can learn so much too. Also here, there is the aforementioned Aquarium Samui Aquarium. The aquarium has a huge collection of tropical fish, alongside many different hard corals and soft corals too, all from all the waters surrounding Thailand.

Come and join us for a fantastic day out come and find Nemo and his friends, see the graceful Leopard sharks, see how many fish you recognise, enjoy the colours and each fish with its own personality.

Come and enjoy the sea Turtles you can even feed them, watch your fingers though. It’s a whole new world out there waiting to be discovered and here at Koh Samui Zoo and Aquarium we look forward to sharing with you all the delights we can.

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