Angthong National Park was founded in 1980. Mu Koh Ang Thong is an archipelago, a group of islands all in the Gulf of Thailand. The islands are all in very close proximity to each other and make for a breath taking voyage especially if sailing.

Ang Thong National Park

Most of the archipelago is covered in splendid lush emerald green rain forest vegetation, the entire islands are individually named and usually with a very descriptive title, most of the islands are uninhabited except a couple of them. One being Ko Wua Talap and other, Ko Paluay, the latter is inhabited by local sea gypsies who still work the seas in the area.

Most of the islands are made from limestone ranging from just a few metres tall all the way to the clouds with some reaching the dizzy heights of 400 metres and beyond, truly incredible sight to behold. There are many caves and cliffs to explore many amazing places to snorkel and kayak around.

Angthong National Park Tours

There was a very famous movie filmed here too, many people that the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed only on Phi Phi Island, well it is true a lot of the movie was filmed there especially ion Maya bay.

Many scenes from the movie were filmed in Angthong National Park, which starred Leoardo Dicaprio, and is responsible for the avalanche of backpackers and other like-minded travellers’ traversing through this beautiful country.

Angthong National Marine Park hold 42 islands within its grasp, all the island are of varying sizes and all offer something a little different for the sightseer the park struts out at the North West end of Koh Samui. Ang Thong actually translates as “golden bowl”. It occupies nearly 250 sq km which includes 50 sq km of limestone islands all with an amazing topography.

The archipelago is very popular indeed with tourist that flock to Koh Samui every year, there is great Scuba Diving and snorkelling, Kayaking, Canoeing, great beaches to explore with lagoons and coves to check out.

The wildlife here is truly copious too, with Asian Long Tailed Monkeys, a vast array of bird life with White Bellied Sea Eagles and Egrets, there are Otters, Sea turtles Huge Lizards, even Asian Pythons to find.

Entry into the National park is generally controlled and there is usually a small fee to pay, there are a few Samui boat rental and kayak operators who are licensed to take tourist into the national park itself. The park is also accessible from Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, it is possible to join a overnight cruise form one of the operators and enjoy an evening under the stars, well under a tent, on one of the island namely ‘Wua Tulap.’

Angthong View Point
Angthong National Marine Park

Some tours start from Koh Samui which includes pick-up and drop off at your accommodation; they offer a light breakfast, then onto a speedboat for the transfer to the national marine park with snorkeling equipment is included in the price and life jackets.

The marine life here is wonderful, it is easy to find Nemo and friend, there are Black Tips Reef Sharks (harmless), Sea Turtles, Moorish Idols, Sea Kraits, colorful Wrasses and Parrot Fishes, Moray Eels, Trevallies, Tunas, Mackerels to scratch only the surface.

The it might be off to a secluded beach to relax and maybe take in lunch, then a spot of kayaking through some small lagoons, and exploring deserted beaches, maybe a little amateur rock climbing. An underwater disposable camera and a dry bag are advised on trips such as these for obvious reasons.

The trips are run through the entire year, however it is more advisable to travel when the weather is at its optimum in high season. Koh Samui really does have some spectacular areas to explore and the national marine Park of Ang Thong is no exception.

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