Bophut Beach is part of Bophut village which location is situated in the middle of the beach. This beautiful long golden sandy beach is kissed by gentle ripples from the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. And the beach spreads a few kilometers from Maenam Beach to Big Buddha Beach.

Bophut Beach
Bophut Beach

What makes this beach so special is that it still retains its original features with its well preserved buildings and architecture. The beach area preserves its original Sino-Thai atmosphere well and is a blast back to days of a different era.

There has been a lot of land development lately although most of it has been nearer to the western end of the beach. The whole still retains much of its natural beauty and is well worth a visit. Bophut is only a few minutes from the Samui International Airport.

Fisherman’s Village

The main village of Bophut is known as Fisherman’s Village and is a most quaint and charming little place and is situated on the east side of the beach, as opposed to the newer building s and developments on the west part.

The local community is very proud of their village and a conscious effort on their part has been to keep the area becoming a second Chaweng, the peace and tranquility found here is a complete contrast to the faster paced Chaweng, which is only 15 minutes away or so. The market here is definitely more geared for a romantic stay or for families and young children.

Bophut Beach is slap bang in the middle of two other beaches Big Buddha to the east and Maenam to its west and the fishermans village is in the middle. The Fisherman’s village houses rows of old Chinese timber shops and houses. Blending well with the earliest buildings are the old French styled building form and ancient era. These buildings are a small part that remains of the island’s history when it was once a French outpost.

Bophut Beach is not the busiest on Koh Samui, so the activities on the beach are somewhat restricted and that is the way it is meant to be here with the emphasis being on the more relaxed style than the hectic. There are a couple of jet skis operators in the area, but you may need to walk to the end of the beach to find them.

The beach is covered by golden sand which drops off into the sea quite quickly so be careful if and when out there swimming. The sunsets on the beach are famous and watching a Bophut sunset with an ice cold beer or your favourite cocktail is the perfect end to another fine day on Koh Samui.

Dining Out

There several fine restaurants in the area and some fantastic little bars and also you can find a Thai massage shop if you look carefully of course. In fact in more recent years there has been quite a few spas and beauty Centre’s springing up in the area.

Bophut Night Time
Bophut Night Time

There are some great dining place on Bophut and most not only offer an extensive European and Thai menu’s but also they offer fantastic view, picture postcard views in fact, of the islands to its north those being Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, how wonderful it is to dine heartily and to drink so merrily, while enjoying such glorious views, oh Koh Samui.


The village has some great little shops where finding the ideal gifts to take home are easily found such as jewelry and antique shops, small boutiques, and the usually bric a brac shops too many though with high quality products.

Every Friday evening there is Market and its called Friday Walking Market and every Friday night the streets are filled with vendors plying their trade and offering some real bargains, selling everything from local Thai foods such as seafood, barbecue chicken, pork, squid som tam, fresh fruits and all the usual goods associated with traditional Thai markets.

These sort of markets in Thailand are  a wonderful place to trade up and bag some great bargains in fact it is quite possible to get most of your souvenirs for home here, all the while trying out the tasty Thai food and drinks does it get any better than this. Bophut is waiting to be discovered but when you come keep it quiet it’s a secret.

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