Ban Po and Ban Tai Beach is about 2 km’s in length and it is in close proximity to to Bang Por and sometimes mistaken as Bang Por. The beach itself is very quiet and very few tourists know about it, so if you are looking for a secluded beach this is the place to come, with pure white sandy beaches and azure blue seas.

Ban Po and Ban Tai Beach
Ban Po and Ban Tai Beach

The east end of the beach a mainly rocky outcrop which engulfs the ‘Jewel of Samui’ a beautiful small lagoon with crystal clear waters and sand that just slips between your toes. Off this rocky cape is great snorkelling, equipment can be rented from some of the small vendors along the beach.

The marine life here is excellent and on occasions has been known to support small black tip reef sharks, as well as the usual fishes, like Clown fish, beautifully colourful Wrasses,  Parrot fishes, Flute mouths,  Moorish Idols, Banner fish and a whole range of other shallow water dwellers including Stingrays and Green Turtles.

There are some great places to stay here too, with very reasonably priced bungalows, which lay stretched out onto the beach by the lagoon; also there are several villas for the freer paying traveller. Also along this part of the beach there are several houses with one, two and three bedrooms with western kitchens up for rent too.

Stretching some 5 km’s this strip faces north and has excellent views of Koh Pha Ngan. The sea here is usually calm; however, at very low tide, the water exposes mud flats and jaggy rocks. The beach turns more into a traditional Thai beach the further north you go towards Mae Nam Beach. The snorkelling in this area also is excellent, as with the other parts of the beach, and at low tide it is possible to see the locals hunting for small shell fish and other little marine critters.

Leaving the beach here and heading south toward Nathon, climbing up the hills the views are amazing of the outer islands, also a great place to watch the sunset too. Bang Po and Ban Tai are what Koh Samui is all about.

People flock here from all over the world whether they come to Chaweng or Lamai their dream is usually to stay close to nature and enjoy the more relaxed way of the Thai lifestyle and here on this secluded beach nothing is more relaxed.

Accommodation in the Bang Po and Ban Tai is quite limited and though there are a few more expensive resorts in the area, many of the smaller places have actually been turned into more of long term rentals, as many folk who come here do tend to stay for several months if not longer, it is that sort of place.

Ban Po and Ban Tai Beach
Ban Po Sunset

The price of land on Koh Samui is pretty high and development can be restrictive, however here in ban Tai and Ban Po the prices are not so high, mainly due to the fact it I a little bit off the beaten track.

There has been, in recent time, a little bit of a surge and building work has been on-going for quite some time here, with a couple of new housing estate springing up, but they have not tarnished this beautiful place. If anything they will enhance it, bringing in better infrastructure to the beach and more money as well.

At the one there is little in the way of entertainment, with very few bars and restaurants operating in the area, there is also very few places for shopping too, although there are several fine quality seafood restaurants along the beach front are well worth a visit.

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