Samui Zipline, if you are looking for a quick adrenaline rush, is the way to go. This is a thrill ride you will never forget.

  • 33 Platforms – Tour available 3 times per day!
  • 21 Ziplines ( each zipline 200m , 400m , 600m : All total length 5,000 m)
  • 3 Abseiling ( height 20m , 30m , 40m )
  • 3 Sky Bridges
  • 4 Staircases
  • 2 Corridor Sky Walk Way

Price in Thai Baht per person:

  • Gold Package (all platforms) 2,250
  • Silver package (13 platforms) 1,600

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Tour Includes :

  • Transfer service round trip from the hotel to Samui Zipline Adventure and back to the hotel after.
  • Welcome snack, Coffee, tea ,croissant ,fruits juice and fresh fruit.
  • Drinking water serve during zip lining with small bag.
  • High quality safety Zipline equipment.
  • Well-trained and friendly 2 instructors will take good care of you
  • Instruction how to safely participate in the activity and to use the equipment for safety.
  • Accident Insurance

Zip lining through Koh Samui’s rain forest is something you will never forget. Ever wondered what it feels like to fly through the jungle, like a bird? Enjoy fantastic views few visitors to Koh Samui will ever have? Then zip lining is just what you are looking for.

Samui Zipline facts

  • In order to use the zip line you shoud be in good physical health and free of any limitations that could affect their safe use of the equipment.
  • The trip is not allowed for a person with more than 120 kg., pregnant women and people with surgical history less than 6 months or with hypertension, asthma, infectious diseases.
  • Available for adults and children between 6 – 60 year of age. Children with age 6-12 years old must be under parents close supervision.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Please note that flip flops are NOT allowed, however  Sandals with a strap are fine.
  • Best is to wear light clothing

Samui Zip Lining Adventure Tour Gallery

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Don’t worry if you don’t have experience. The zip line staff is there to show you how to do it right and safely. Imagine flying through the jungle canopy of Samui, from three to three like a bird. This is a family adventure as children as young as 6 years old can enjoy zip lining here in Samui. Anyone can enjoy this thrilling Tour adventure. As you zip through the jungle from platform to platform, you will be amazed of how beautiful the jungle of Samui looks from up here. Look at it this way: Zip lining is a lot less scary than bungee jumping, but more thrilling than jungle trekking. The way it works is you’re strapped into a harness. Then you climb up to treetop level and attach your hand-held, double-pulley wheels onto a lengthy, horizontal, steel zip line. The zip lines are strung from one treetop to the next. And now you can go flying through the jungle.

Join Koh Samui zip lining adventure for the thrill of a lifetime and fantastic memories. The Program can be added to our Samui Sightseeing Tour.

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