Grandfather and Grandmother Rock are among the most popular attractions on Koh Samui near Lamai Beach.

Their names are Grandfather Rock and Grandmother Rock they are just simple granite rock formations.

The reason why they are so famous is simple as they resemble male and female genitalia.

Grand Father Rock

You can guess why these rocks have caused so much stir. It can be simply put down to human’s fascination with all things naughty and taboo.

Their names in Thai are Hin Ta and Hin Yai and of course, there is a story which accompanies these to rocks.

They are easy enough to find Hin Ta and Hin Yai are both located off Route 4169 on Samui’s south-east coast.

These rocks approximately only two kilometres from Lamai Beach.

To reach these rocks, tourists have to pass down a short narrow strip which is filled with small shops. The souvenir stores sell handmade wares made out of old coconut and seashells.

Secrets of a legend

The legend itself goes along these lines. It’s a sad tale of an elderly couple’s adventure and untimely demise.

And just why Hin Ta and Hin Yai have become synonymous with Koh Samui.

The story starts in the nearby city of Nakhorn Sri Thamamart on the mainland.

One morning the couple were discussing their son coming of age they decided that it was about time he was married.

Grandfather and Grandmother Rock Samui
Grandfather and Grandmother Rock

They searched high and low for a suitable wife for him. Unfortunately, no suitors could be found.

So the elderly couple knew someone in the province of Prachuap Kiri Khan and who had a beautiful daughter.

The journey would take days and be fraught with danger. They decided to use their small wooden boat to make the trip.

Even from the outset of the journey, they found trouble, their small boat was surrounded by sharks and if that was not enough the wind picked up and the seas started to swell.

Sad Story behind Grandfather and Grandmother Rock

Their small vessel was tossed around like a small toy, both of them got terribly seasick. They lost their food and water overboard, neither of them could swim.

What could they do as they were totally at lost at sea and even their oars, to steer their little boat, were lost?

Grandfather and Grandmother Rock
Grand Father Rock

In the distance, they saw an Island, and how they tried to make it. The seas and the wind had a different fate for them.

They slapped and cursed the water trying as they may get nearer to the island, but alas it was no good.

Becoming very weak without food and water, they just could not make it to the island, and they became desperate.

Just as they were about to give up, a huge wave washed them both out of the boat and into the sea.

Unable to swim and too weak with days of nothing to eat, they soon began to tire and slowly slipped between the waves, hand in hand cursing their fate.

Ironically, their bodies washed ashore and instantly turned into rocks on the beach.

To this day they are still where washed up, and the rocks stand there as testament of the couples proof of their pure intentions.

No one knows what became of their son, some say, he joined a monastery, others say his cries of sorrow can be heard on dark lonely nights, who knows.

That’s the story about Grandfather Rock and Grandmother Rock is a sad tale of woe.

What else to see at Grandfather and Grandmother Rock

There are some great little bars and restaurants here, also there are lots of market stalls with the usual souvenirs. And you can even take home your own Grandfather Rock home with as they come in all sizes.

Hin Ta & Hin Yai is at the southern end of Lamai Beach, you will see a big sign above the entrance road.

It does get busy particularly in high season.

Also, there are not many places to park and if you do go, then they will be a small charge of 20 baht for the motorbike.

As for the rocks they are free of course, so get ready with your camera and please no smutty jokes.

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