Koh Phangan Elephant Tour
Koh Phangan Elephant Tour

Koh Phangan Elephant Tour has so much to offer, beautiful waterfalls to mysterious Buddhist Temples. Come and see the high octane water sports such as Parasailing & Jet Skiing and Scuba diving.

Also, there are the land-based activities which cover ATV riding, Yoga and Meditation, and even Archery can be tried.

Both Thongsala and Haad Rin, on Phangan, have Thai Boxing schools where you can watch the guys train or even take a class yourself.

Koh Phangan is a fantastic place to explore and, if exploring new places is your thing then. What better way than to explore than on the back of a friendly Asian Elephant.

Elephant trekking

The tropical mountain views hide the most dramatic forest scenery and the waterfalls are quite spectacular.

If you would like to see the scenery there is no better way than getting back inline with nature. Go explore these beautiful forests, and with a huge Elephant as a guide what could be more wonderful?

The local people love elephants. Elephants to Thai people symbolise strength and power and are respected and worshipped in a special way here.

You will see many different pieces of artwork, along with souvenirs and temples on your trip that use the elephant on many of their deity’s.

Meet the Elephants

So if you are looking for a little adventure during your holiday then come and join us for a very special day out indeed.

Elephant riding tours Thailand
Elephant trekking Koh Phangan

There are not many places in the world where you have the opportunity to enjoy a ride on winding mountain paths. Through the dense tropical rain forest while on the back of an elephant.

Many elephants live at the local trekking facility, approximately ten thousand square meters.

There is also a small freshwater lake where the where the elephants take their daily bath which great to watch.

We recommend the best times to come and see these intelligent beasts is early morning or the late afternoon. You can watch them as they play as they squirt water at each other.

Also, there are some very cheeky yet friendly monkeys that love to be fed bananas and other fruit – its fun to watch them play too.

All elephants are very well looked after, each of them having one owner who is called a Mahout he would have been with the elephant since its very early days.

The elephants also receive annual check-ups from a government-appointed veterinarian.

A professional vet checks them for any injuries or ailments and also immunizes them, making sure that they are taken care of, which of course they are.

The tour winds its way through the mountain range, along with the twisting rolling hills. Once at its peak, you will witness an absolutely stunning view up there of Chaloklum Bay.

Also, you can visit the Chinese temple and the mountains and valleys of Koh Phangan.

The tour culminates with the elephants marching through the freshwater lake refreshing themselves after their hike.

All in all, it’s a fantastic fun tour and we highly recommend it for everyone.

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