Koh Tan Clear watersKoh Tan is part of the Samui island group situated in the Gulf of Thailand and only an hours flight from Bangkok.

The island of Samui is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and attracts over a million visitors each year.

There are several other smaller islands scattered around Samui although not many quite as beautiful as this one.

Koh Tan or ‘Koh Tean’ (as it’s sometimes spelt -we will use both in this article).

It is one such beautiful island and is also referred to as Koh Samui’s Coral island.

Koh Tan is surrounded by pristine coral reefs and the pure white sandy beaches here are to die for.

Nature lovers are in awe of the place, as there is so much to see both above and below the warm azure waters which surround this little jewel.

Koh Tean is only twenty minutes by longtail boat from the mainland and offers a serenity unlike anywhere else.

This little island which covers only seven square km can calm your very soul.

Koh Tan Island ThailandThere is a small fishing village here and not much else.

There are no cars on Koh Tean, in fact, there are no real roads at all.

Koh Tan is only a few hundred metres from the southwestern coast of Koh Samui a quick trip from Taling Nam on the mainland of Koh Samui.

Snorkeling – Koh Tean (Koh Tan)

Ko Tean is a small, beautiful island and is known for its great snorkelling.

You can find lots of fishes here; some may even come very close to you, they can be quite curious.

Trips generally include snorkelling on the reef and a stop at one of the island’s fine beaches.

You can even check out the mangrove forests here.

Koh Taen Island ThailandA very strange fact about Koh Tan is that it has no dogs and it is said, that any dogs that have been left here have very quickly gone insane.

Islands – Koh Samui

There is a small group of islands called Koh Si Koh Haa translated means Four Islands – Five Islands.

These islands are home to a very special species of swift bird. The little Swifts can be seen dive-bombing into the sea as they hunt small fishes.

These birds nests are used in the Chinese delicacy ‘Birds Nest Soup’ consequently are very well protected. So tourists will not be able to get too close to them.

Because these nests are worth an absolute fortune you will see local sea gypsies on guard.

This is necessary because on the open market these nests bring in thousands of dollars a year to the local community.

Another great little island in the area to admire is the delightful little island of Koh Madsum.

This divine island also has beautiful pure white sandy beaches, which are gently kissed by the gentle lapping of the warm alluring waters of Thailand and well worth a visit.