Secret Garden
Secret Buddha Garden

Secret Buddha Garden (the phrase) surely must evoke wonderful memories from most people’s childhood. Because here on Koh Samui (is no different) as we have the most striking Secret Buddha Garden there is.

A retired fruit farmer (back in 1976), by the name of Khun Nim, after years farming Durian decided one day to design the most amazing garden on Koh Samui.

The secret garden is hidden away from prying eyes, and is tucked into the hills of Samui’s interior. It is closely guarded by the most unusual trove of statues that you may ever see.

The garden is surrounded by lush green tropical rain forest, right in the heart of the island. It hosts some of the most spectacular views across the island.

500 metres above sea level, where the airs is clearer and a little cooler. It gives the sightseer time to breath and unwind a little.

The secret garden, also known as the Magic Garden or Tarmin Magic Garden is accessible by road. The road is a rocky one so a 4×4 jeep is recommended to get there.

Secret Buddha Garden – construction

Khun Nim Thongsuk was 77 years old when he had the idea to create such a spectacular place.

It is said that he built the garden all by himself. However it does seem he may have help from some from relatives.

He worked in the gardens up until his death at the age of 91 years old.

During his year working as a durian farmer, Khun Nim was known for his innovative techniques and so he helped Samui become famous for this prized and smelly fruit.

When Khun Nim retired he decided to open up his home and land to all. He already had many figures and statues sculptured and representing mainly Buddhist folklore.

Each statue tells its own story, as you will see, and the locals all know the meaning and mythology behind these haunting works of art.

Secret Garden

The garden is full of statues of animals, gods, and demons.

secret garden samui hills
secret garden Koh Samui

The hill-top setting and the tranquil river flowing through it, give the garden a very soothing and mystical feeling.

And it is a wonderful place to come and cool down and maybe even ponder on life’s great mysteries.

There are many statues of Buddha, there are also birds and many other forms of animals, like snakes dragons depicted here in statue form.

There is a very poignant statue, because is it of khun Nim’s parents, and another of him holding hands with his father.

Furthermore main section holding other important statues relative to this beautifully preserved garden are of angels, also a small band of musicians.

There is a small stream running through the secret garden and also there is a beautiful little waterfall, it really is quite an idyllic place to visit.

Secret Buddha Garden, is the kind of place where each visit will bring new discoveries.

It is like studying some piece of art work, each time you look at it, you find something else to admire.

With so many places to explore, one visit here is never enough and the calming influence it has on your being, is well worth the trip up into the hills.

Secret Buddha Garden – Location

Its Location is found on top of the highest peaks in samui just off Route 4169 at Baan Saket.

Drive down the air force road which leads up to Ta Nim Waterfall.

The road turns into a dirt track for the last 400 metres or so and because it is well signposted so you hopefully get lost.

Take your camera and go and enjoy one of the most amazing sites you will see on Samui, and hopefully, it takes you back to that secret garden you knew as child yourself.

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