Big Buddha

Big Buddha Koh Samui is near a small town called Bang Rak, which you may have heard called Big Buddha Beach. This is one of the tours we have on offer on Koh Samui.

This shrine is located about 7 km’s from Chaweng Beach and only a couple from Bophut.

It is very easy to find as it is on the main road which encompasses the entire island of Koh Samui.

Big Buddha is one of Samui’s more famous iconic images. People come from all over Thailand to pay their respects to this huge Buddha.

As you approach on the road 4171 you can see Buddha’s golden coat glimmering in the sunlight, it is a truly breath-taking sight.

Buddha sits proudly upon a very small island, which is not really much more than a few rocks out in the bay.

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The small island is called Koh Fan (Dear Island). There was once a small wooden bridge that connected it to the mainland. However, it was soon damaged, so landfill was used to create a decent walkway.

As time has gone on, the land-filled connection has actually destroyed part of the reef in the next bay. Plans are underway to remove the landfill reconstructing a bridge, and once again giving the marine life chance to breathe.

During its conception, it was originally planned for the site to be a large monastery. Unfortunately, the monk who conceived the plans died not long before construction started. Therefore it was decided that building a monastery might prove costly so a Big Buddha was built instead.

As you approach you will see a large staircase which leads all the way to the top of Big Buddha, here the views of Koh Phangan and the area is quite spectacular.

The stairway is heavily guarded by two huge sea serpents which have been beautifully painted on as a mural.


Thai Monks here are extremely friendly very knowledgeable and helpful. And with all Thai temples and places of worship, there are several do and do not. How to dress in Thailand temples is important. So make sure you wear the right clothing.

The monks will generally be busy with prayers or blessing and ringing bells. The monks use a lot of holy water for their blessing and are happy to spread the word of Buddha.

Big Buddha - Bangrak Beach
Big Buddha – Bangrak Beach

You can also write a message onto a small roof tile which the monks use to repairs their buildings on these tiles.

The done thing is to wish you and your family luck and show respect to Buddha. The tiles will be used to repair floors and roofs of the temples.Therefore prayers and the message will live on long after you have left Koh Samui.

Budhha is depicted in a pure state of calmness purity and resolve after overcoming temptation and lured to him by Mara, the lord of Illusion.

It is known as the Mara posture, the left hand with palm open wide and facing out in the lap, the right hand is facing down towards the knee.

Another Buddha

Big Buddha
Big Buddha

There is a second and smaller Buddha which depicts the Maitreya of the Future there is a large collection of sacred bells at the rear of the temple. The temple, as many Thai temples are, is adorned with many paintings,

Naga Statues and all and everything holy and sacred. There is a small market there too, which sells all sorts of wares, such as amulets other Buddhist items too.

In the main part of the big Buddha beach, there are all the usual attractions and where one can get properly watered and fed. Big Buddha beach is a great little place to spend the day away from the busier places like Chaweng and Lamai beaches.

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